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363Oil Cells5Oil Cell Classic95050 Hours50 Hours0/images/products/Oil_cell_50h_label-2.jpgOil Cell ClassicOil Cell Classic/images/products/Oil_cell_50h_label-2-p.jpg/images/products/Oil_cell_50h_label-2-t.jpgDownload manualDD_SHOP5_NONE1FalseFalse0Ships within 1-3 days1-3stk00,000,001,00FalsePrice for 1stk 1,25 DKK (incl. VAT)
1.25daDKKFalseFalse100,00DKKPrice for(incl. VAT)1stkfalse1,251.251.251,001,251.001.25daDKKParaffin oil
H: 97mm x D: 57mmTekst på infokort